From the Company’s History

By its activities and its trade name essence the company Doprastav, JSC follows the national enterprise Doprastav and the state-owned enterprise Doprastav š.p.

The national enterprise Doprastav was established in 1953. As a priority it was focusing on transport related buildings and structures. In 1958 the national enterprise’s line of business activities was augmented by water engineering works and ecological construction works. From the construction method point of view an interesting milestone is the year 1962, when the national enterprise used for the first time in Slovakia the precast prestressed concrete elements for the construction of bridges, as well as the year 1969, when the construction of motorway network began. The state-owned enterprise Doprastav š.p. was established in 1988.

The joint-stock company Doprastav, a.s. was established on 17th December 1993 in accordance with the approved privatization project developed for the privatization of state-owned enterprise Doprastav Bratislava. In 1998 Doprastav, JSC was the first large construction company in the SR that obtained the Quality Management certificate according to the STN EN ISO 9002:1997 standard. Then in 2004 and 2005 Doprastav, JSC had obtained the Environmental Management System certificate according to the STN EN ISO 14001:2005 standard and then the Occupational Safety and Health Management System certificate according to the OHSAS 18001:1999 standard.

Since its establishment till the present day Doprastav, JSC focuses primarily on the construction of motorways, expressways and roads and bridges built by different construction methods. In the course of company's entrepreneurial activity many of them were awarded different prizes, whether for the architecture or as the Construction of the Year. But the company’s achievements never were and neither are associated only with motorways and roads. In recent years there is a constantly increasing number of various complexes of industrial buildings and structures and community amenities, upgrading of railway lines, construction of exploratory adits and tunnels, as well as the completed sewage-disposal networks and sewage-treatment plants.

By its activities on the construction market the company Doprastav, JSC had contributed and contributes not only to the development of the construction profession but also to Slovakia’s social development.