Company’s Profile

Doprastav is a modern construction company with the history of more than half a century which is capable to offer the construction of buildings and structures of any kind. In the course of its development Doprastav has become the largest, strongest and most stable construction company in the Slovak Republic, the achievements of which are visible in Slovakia everywhere. Doprastav’s advantages are extensive experience and professional capabilities of its staff, power and performance of its machines, quality of technologies and perfect understanding and knowledge of construction market requirements, with which we can comply with and to adapt to each client’s needs and requirements.

For each investor the Doprastav trademark represents a guarantee that his project will be completed in time and in a quality that is comparable with the world standard. Doprastav carries out the construction works in the whole territory of the Slovak Republic, but it carries out activities abroad as well. The company’s line of business is a complete procurement of turnkey structures, buildings, facilities and other engineering works in the fields of construction of civil engineering works, buildings, underground structures and water engineering works.

Substantial part of Doprastav’s production programme represent in particular the following types of construction works:

Roads and Motorways

  • Earthworks
  • Laying of all carriageway structural layers
  • Asphalt surfacing
  • Concrete pavement
  • Production of all kinds of bitumen-coated mixes at own asphalt mixing plants
  • Production of concrete mixes at own concrete mixing plants
  • Production of all kinds of traffic signs, including their supports – gantries


  • Rehabilitation of track foundation and construction of railway tracks embankments
  • Reconstruction and construction of railway bridges and railway track over-passes
  • Complete reconstruction of railway stations and construction of new railway station platforms
  • Construction of noise barriers
  • Construction of cable protective duct routes


  • Complete construction of bridges
  • Production and erection of bridge structures from precast prestressed members
  • Girders and segments of segmental bridge structures from own precasting plants in Senec and Komárno
  • Balanced cantilever construction method using machines and equipment for the construction of large-span bridges
  • Bridges of cast-in-situ concrete constructed with the use of Peiner, Pižmo supporting structures
  • MVS 40 movable formwork system
  • Steel bridges
  • Production and installation of bridge bearings and expansion joints

Water-engineering Works and Ecological Construction Works

  • Turnkey delivery of sewage-treatment plants, water processing plants and water reservoirs
  • Construction of sewage-disposal systems and water-supply lines of all diameters
  • Construction of waterworks
  • Construction of asphaltic jointing and sealing of waterworks and artificial lakes
  • Irrigation systems
  • Canalization of watercourses and rivers
  • Construction of flood-protection works

Buildings, Structures and Underground Works

  • Turnkey delivery of industrial and housing facilities, structures of civil projects and their reconstructions
  • Construction of supporting frameworks (carcasses) of all types of structures constructed of cast concrete, precast elements and steel
  • Construction of structures foundation
  • Reconstruction and thermal insulation of buildings and structures
  • Construction of road and railway tunnels, ducts, below-grade garages, waste storage and dumping facilities, civil defense facilities and other special-purpose structures of underground engineering

Accredited Testing Laboratory

Doprastav, JSC, corporate unit TESS, carries out the activities of accredited testing laboratory in accordance with the Certificate of Accreditation (Registration number S-094).

It is qualified to perform physical and mechanical tests of:

  • soils,
  • hydraulically bound mixes,
  • wet and cured concrete,
  • shotcrete,
  • cement,
  • mortars,
  • aggregate,
  • steel reinforcement,
  • bituminous binders,
  • bituminous mixes,
  • concrete structures,
  • precast concrete elements,
  • road and bridge pavements,
  • leak tightness of sewage and drainage pipes and manholes.

In addition to above stated tests of materials and structures the laboratory performs:

  • mix design (type test) for bituminous mixes,
  • mix design (type test) for concrete mixes,
  • mix design (type test) for mixes bound by hydraulic binders,
  • composition design for stabilized and improved soils,
  • aggregate type tests,
  • qualifying tests of cohesive and non-cohesive soils,
  • composition design for grouts (type test).

The said regional laboratories demonstrate the competence to carry out tests impartially and credibly by meeting the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

In its regional laboratories the TESS corporate unit carries out also the non-accredited services in the field of testing the construction materials, products and carriageways structural courses.

The non-accredited tests include the:

  • water separability (demulsibility) of fresh mortar,
  • mortar volume constancy (soundness),
  • measuring of concrete surface moisture,
  • bituminous mix stability and deformation according to Marshall,
  • bituminous mix pourability - Schellenberg test,
  • adhesion of asphalt to aggregate,
  • compaction measurement geodetically,
  • frost heave resistance of CBGM.

Accreditation Scope

Doprastav carries out its construction operations through its corporate units (divisions). The complexity of construction Works procurement lies not only in its execution, but also in providing for the design and engineering services. Doprastav has its own research and development department for the development of new technologies (methods) and special tasks resolution and accredited laboratories for testing the construction processes and materials.