Accredited Testing Laboratory

Doprastav, JSC, corporate unit TESS, carries out the activities of accredited testing laboratory in accordance with the Certificate of Accreditation (Registration number S-094).

It is qualified to perform physical and mechanical tests of:

  • soils,
  • hydraulically bound mixes,
  • wet and cured concrete,
  • shotcrete,
  • cement,
  • mortars,
  • aggregate,
  • steel reinforcement,
  • bituminous binders,
  • bituminous mixes,
  • concrete structures,
  • precast concrete elements,
  • road and bridge pavements,
  • leak tightness of sewage and drainage pipes and manholes.

In addition to above stated tests of materials and structures the laboratory performs:

  • mix design (type test) for bituminous mixes,
  • mix design (type test) for concrete mixes,
  • mix design (type test) for mixes bound by hydraulic binders,
  • composition design for stabilized and improved soils,
  • aggregate type tests,
  • qualifying tests of cohesive and non-cohesive soils,
  • composition design for grouts (type test).

The said regional laboratories demonstrate the competence to carry out tests impartially and credibly by meeting the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

In its regional laboratories the TESS corporate unit carries out also the non-accredited services in the field of testing the construction materials, products and carriageways structural courses.

The non-accredited tests include the:

  • water separability (demulsibility) of fresh mortar,
  • mortar volume constancy (soundness),
  • measuring of concrete surface moisture,
  • bituminous mix stability and deformation according to Marshall,
  • bituminous mix pourability - Schellenberg test,
  • adhesion of asphalt to aggregate,
  • compaction measurement geodetically,
  • frost heave resistance of CBGM.